Micador Quicksand is a fantastic sensory product. You can squish it, squeeze it and let it melt through your fingers. All these actions strengthen hand muscles and work on fine motor skills.

In this activity, we also use imaginative play to assist with language development as we play a fun Christmas themed shape recognition game.


You will need:

  • Micador Quicksand
  • Loose parts for decoration (e.g. buttons, sequins, gems, pom poms and pipe cleaners)
  • A large plastic tray

Step 1: Smooth out the sand!

Spread and flatten Micador QuickSand over your plastic tray. Aim for an even layer.

Step 2: Think outside the sandbox!

Use your fingers to form the shapes of Christmas trees. They don’t have to be a triangle trees – try circles and squares! Ask your child what shapes they are making. Experiment with different sizes and talk about small, medium and large shapes and what they can come together to create.

Step 3: Detail, decorate and discuss!

Decorate your shapes to turn them into Christmas trees using your decorative loose parts. Imagine which book or movie characters would like the different shaped trees and how they would like to decorate them. Have fun! There is no right or wrong when you are creating!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF