Here are some great ideas to help you on your way to an awesome pARTy! Here, we've set up some Craft pARTy fun that you can use as inspiration for your own special day!

This is just one way of setting up some crafting fun, you might like to have a go at creating some of these:

• These Puppet People are a great activity - Kids can make one that looks like them!

• Get intergalactic with an Outta Space themed pARTy - Make some Fuzzy Puppet Aliens

• These Bead Buddies make great use of bead and pipecleaners

• Some nifty craft with pegs - make a Croc Radical Reptile

• There are a stack of easy craft activities for kids here - including making Arty Coasters

• There are also heaps more craft ideas for kids on our Pinterest board!

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