Here are some great ideas to help you on your way to an awesome pARTy! Here, we've set up some Paint pARTy fun that you can use to inspire you for your own special day!

This is just one way of setting up some painting fun, you might also like to try:

• Individual easels for each child to use to make some awesome art - use clips to attach multiple pieces of paper to the easel so they can keep creating.

• Large canvases for each child to decorate - the bigger the better here, and the kids can take them home as pARTy favours to display at home and keep forever.

• Use this activity to liven up the day - Painting effects with cling wrap

• For even more pARTy fun, try this - Bouncy balloon painting

• An awesome 3D paint effect can be created with this - Glue painting

• This is a creation that is sure to brighten up any space - See through paintings

• Give watercolours a go! - Watercolour canvas art

Download this info as a takeaway PDF