Stationery refers to writing materials, such as pens, pencils, paper and envelopes. Stationary means standing still; not moving. A good way to remember the difference between the words is with the simple mnemonic: remember stationery has an ‘E’ as in ‘E’ for ‘Envelope’, while stationary has an ‘A’, as in 'A mAn stAnding still.’ It’s a pet peeve of us at Micador when people mix them up, because if there’s one thing we don’t like, it’s standing still. People often confuse the two, but not without reason. The original term 'stationery' referred to items sold by a ‘stationer’ whose name indicated that his book and paper shop was on a fixed spot, usually near a university, rather than the wandering peddlers who sold paper – the stationery was stationary. Here at Micador, we have our own history with stationery. For a while our attitude to stationery was what you might expect. It’s practical, it’s important, so we sold - and continue to sell- the gamut of stationery from rulers to scissors to erasers to stamps. We sold our best finds at affordable prices but we thought we could do more. If you're after something a little more upmarket and sophisticated, check out our stylish Collected & Co. Stationery range. Collected & Co. comes in three styles; moody urban Grey, sleek modern White and gorgeous recycled Natural. The range includes boxes, notebooks, pens, folders, accessories to organise your home and workspace and much, much more. If fluoro and funky is more your stationery scene, shake things up with our Glost stationery range. Glost is bright stationery with attitude, and puts the fun in FUNctional.

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