It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you’re feeling creative... Looking for Inspiration? We've got you covered. This abstract garden painting is great because it involves a few different painting techniques and it will add colour and interest to any room in your house. So, just like starting a new recipe, it makes it easier if you have all the ingredients together. See below for what you’ll need.


Step 1: The fun begins!

Clear your kitchen table, spread out newspaper to cover the surface and lay your canvas flat on top of it. The first step is to create the large light green circles. To mix the light green colour you will need to combine on part White and three parts Sap Green. Mix these colours together in the paint palette or on the old dinner plate Now, place the open end of the bowl into the paint. Stamp the bowl onto the canvas in a random pattern. Allow some of the circles to go off the canvas edge to create a dynamic effect.

Step 2: Stripy Stems

Use the edge of a piece of thick cardboard and dip it into the light green paint mix you just created for Step 1. Create rough lines on the canvas by stamping the edge of the cardboard along the canvas. Shifting the card whilst stamping will help achieve a more organic line.

Step 3: Blue Lagoon

Now let’s mix a complementary blue to your canvas design. To create the light blue colour we used one part Lemon Yellow, two parts White and three parts Ultramarine. Repeat Step 1 and 2 with this light blue paint mix. This time use the rim of the cup to make smaller circles to add depth. You may want to create another line using this colour.

Step 4: Going Dotty

Use a pencil to trace a light circle around the bottom of the bowl and the cup on the canvas. The other end of the pencil works as a great stamp for small dots. Squeeze some Ultramarine and Sap Green onto your plate. Dip the end of the pencil into the paint and stamp dots around the traces circle. You can alternate the colours to create a pattern using the left over light blue and light green paint mixes.

Step 5: The finishing touches

Step back from your painting and see if it feels complete. You can add another line or circle if needed- but remember, less is more! Once you are happy with the painting, hang it above your couch for all to enjoy! You can modify the colours you use on your canvas to suit your décor. You’ve found the artist within!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF