Sometimes, all the inspiration you need can be found in your own back garden. This activity uses acrylic paint to transform fallen bark into bright and colourful fridge magnets.


Step 1:

Step outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy some fresh air while you hunt around for some suitable bark pieces. Look for pieces that have a good flat side where you can apply the magnet.

Step 2:

Use some paper towel or a damp cloth to give the bark a quick wipe over, to remove any loose sections. Then, apply 1 to 2 base coats of paint.

Step 3:

When the base coat is dry, you can begin to decorate your bark with painted shapes and words. We decided on a geometric design of triangles. Mixing your paint colours with some white results in colours that are more opaque.

Step 4:

When you’re happy with the result, leave the paint to dry.

Step 5:

Once the paint is dry, apply the magnet to the back of your bark. The bigger and thicker the bark, the more magnet you’ll need. It’s a good idea to also run some craft glue around the edges for a little extra support.

You're finished!

There are no limitations on how you can decorate these. Bright shapes and colours work great, but you might like to use words or a name. Or, let the shape of the bark inspire the artwork, like we did with the balloons!
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