What to paint: You have spent weekends collecting objects that now adorn your home. Time has been taken selecting wall paint, floor coverings and fluffing cushions. Now it’s time to add your personal touch; it’s time to get creative and fill your home with art! Let your painting reflect your personality. You’ll find inspiration and colour palettes all around you. Maybe it’s a souvenir you bought on your latest holiday, the shape a coffee cup makes when someone forgets to use a coaster on the hard wood dining table, or maybe it’s that great photo your saw on that blog… the potential for subject matter is endless. We will show you an a good example and explain a great colour technique that is sure to get your started on your own artistic journey. Choosing colours: Look around your space to find ideas on what colour palette will work for you. The vases, couches and flowers around your house will give an indication of your colour preferences. The best way to ensure your artwork complements your décor is to follow the Three Colour Technique. Pick a colour that you think would work well in your home, then pick another shade of that same colour and then add a third colour of your choice (this will act as the accent colour). It sounds simple, but what’s great is that it works every time! Where to paint: Before your create your masterpiece, you must create your work space. Your kitchen will make a great temporary studio as it has a table, tiled flooring (avoid carpet) and an accessible sink. Start by covering the kitchen table with layers of newspaper- you are not going to be slopping paint around everywhere, but we know there’s a kid in all of us. Make sure you wear old clothes and have a couple of cloths on hand to clean brushes or any spills. Tip: Almost anything you see can be translated onto a canvas, so don’t be afraid to start getting creative. Taking the time to plan what you paint (rather than just putting paint straight onto the canvas, as tempting as that is) will help produce a work you will be proud to hang in your home. Even the most subtle things can be used as inspiration for a beautiful piece of art.


Step 1: Preparation

Clear your kitchen table, spread out newspaper to cover the surface and lay your canvas flat on top of it.

Step 2: Adding the base

Start by painting both canvases with Titanium White Acrylic Paint. This will be the base colour and provide a clean slate for your design. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 3: Sketch your design

Draw your designs on different parts of each canvas. You can use the templates provided or try drawing it yourself.

Step 4: Colour

Starting with black, paint inside the leaf contours, leaving a small white line to separate each one. This will make your canvas more striking. Don’t worry if you paint outside the lines too much, you can always go over with the white paint to cover it.

Step 5: On to red

Once you have completed one canvas, set it aside to dry and then move onto painting the second with your next colour. Repeat the same process as you did with the first canvas.

Step 6: Time to decorate!

Once both of the canvases are dry, you are ready to hang them up!
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