Create colourful fish using artist’s watercolour techniques! Every fish you create is 100% unique, which means there is no such thing as a bad fish, so let your creativity swim! One pad of Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper can create over 35 fish, so there is plenty of room to experiment. Try the technique below then check out our other tips and tricks. Tips: Blend different colours in the lid of the watercolour discs to create new colours for your fish. Let the first layer of paint dry then apply colours on top of colours and repeat again. Make your fish blend from light to dark – start with yellow at the head and finish with red at the tail. Try this with other colours too. Paint a background colour – let it dry and paint designs on top using other contrasting colours. Go to the internet or library and look at pictures of all the different kinds of tropical fish for inspiration.


Step 1: Let's get started

Use the fish template provided to cut a fish out of the Rains Watercolour Paper.

Step 2: Using the paint

Dip your brush into water and then rub onto one of the coloured discs filling the brush with colour.

Step 3: Let's start dabbing

Begin dabbing paint onto your fish, starting with a light colour. If you want a white area, make sure you do not put any paint there.

Step 4: Colour

Add more colours going from light to dark. Bright contrasting colours work best. Try not to mix them too much as this will make the colour look muddy.

Step 5: Bring him to life

Putting darker colours around the edges will make your fish stand out. The final touch is to add an eye and your fish is complete!

Step 6: Wait, there's more!

If you want, you can do this same activity with a bird template! Watercolour birds are equally as beautiful as the fish!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF