A quick guide on how to Bespoke your stuff with Collected & Co. These Fluoro Ampersand Stick Ons are great for brightening up any of your storage items! To keep all your things organised, use the assortment of labels provided in Home & Office Stick Ons.


Step 1:

Gather your Collected & Co. Fluoro Ampersands and Home & Office Stick Ons, along with the object you would like to bespoke. Decide which size fluoro Ampersand Stick On you think will look great!

Step 2:

Peel the stickers from the backing paper and arrange on your stationery item. You can try straight lines, angles, minimalist or random placement - whatever you like!

Step 3:

Choose a label from the large assortment of Home & Office Stick Ons and apply as many as you please.

Step 4:

Finished! Now you can store you important information, school, work or home stuff in this newly bespoked stationery!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF