A quick guide on how to bespoke your stuff with Collected & Co. To keep all your gear organised, use the assortment of labels provided by the Home & Office Stick Ons. They come in a great range of colours too!


Step 1:

Gather your Collected & Co. Home & Office Stick Ons, along with the object you would like to Bespoke. Decide which colours and labels you want to use from the assortment.

Step 2:

Take the Home & Office labels and stick them to one of the large flat sides of the fold back clip. Ensure you pay attention to the colours you use so you can read your labels. Trim the labels to size with a pair of scissors.

Step 3:

Voila! All done, now you can attach these fold back clips to any documents or folders that need a label. It's also really easy to peel off these labels so you can change them whenever you need!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF