Do you want to build a snowman? It’s super easy with some Micador SuperModelling Clay and twigs from outside!


Step 1: Roll 4 different sized balls and 2 small balls

Using your hands, roll six white balls starting with a big ball, then finishing with two small balls that are the same size (these will be the feet).

Step 2: Combine the 2nd and 4th biggest to make the head

Using your fingers, smooth the fourth biggest ball into the second biggest.

Step 3: Make facial features using black clay and orange for the nose!

Again using your fingers and the appropriate coloured clay, make the snowman’s facial features.

Step 4: Press the features onto the head

Stick these onto his face by lightly pressing down - don’t forget his carrot nose!

Step 5: Press 3rd biggest ball onto 5th biggest for the body

Press the third biggest ball onto the biggest ball for the body. Then the two smallest underneath for the feet! You can now stick three black buttons onto his body.

Step 6: Use little twigs for arms and a few for hair!

Grab some small twigs from outside and stick them into his body for arms, and a couple on top of his head for hair.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF