Are you looking for art and craft activities to keep the kids happy this Easter holidays? We've got you covered. The following craft activity helps teach your kids the basics of arts and crafts and the skills to make inexpensive, wholesome things to play with all through the Easter holidays. All it takes is a few odds and ends to make these adorable stick Bunny Puppets, which are as much fun to make as they are to play with.


Step 1: Cut out your parts

Start by cutting out the shape of your bunny's head, teeth and hair from craft foam, along with any accessories you want to give them. Don't forget to cut out two thin pink strips for the ears, and a little pink triangle for the nose

Step 2: Put the face together!

Use craft glue to attach the pink strips to the ears, and googly eyes to the middle of the bunny’s face. Add a tiny triangle for the nose, and use a fine tipped marker to draw on a smiling mouth. Draw on a smiling mouth with a craft marker, and glue on your bunny's hair and teeth.

Step 4: Add your puppet stick

By now your bunny is looking pretty much finished. Turn it over and glue on a craft stick for a handle.

Step 5: Accessorise!

Your Easter craft bunny puppet is nearly done! Just use a pen and craft foam to add eyelashes and little touches to give your bunny a unique personality. Try a bowtie, necklace or a ribbon in your hair - anything you want! Use your imagination and make a a whole village of Easter bunnies to keep you busy all holidays!
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