These cute cards don't take too long to make but they look fabulous! Design your own simple stencil like our Easter egg card, or use a pre-made stencil, for a more detailed design. Of course these can be used all year round - not just for Easter!


Step 1 - Lay Paper Tape on Baking Paper

Lay down your paper tape on the baking paper in strips, being careful to slightly overlay each piece of tape over the last. This will make sure it stays together when you remove the baking paper later.

Step 2 - Draw outline using the stencil

Using a stencil and a pencil, draw an outline over the top of the paper tape. You can print a cute bunny outline or Easter related shape from the internet and use that as your stencil.

Step 3 - Cut out the shape

Carefully cut out the shape. If there are pencil marks on your shape after it's cut out, use an eraser to remove them.

Step 4 - Peel off the baking paper

Carefully peel off the baking paper from the paper tape shape, like you would with a sticker.

Step 5 - Apply to your card

Stick your shape in position on your greeting card, and you're done! Decorate with more paper tape shapes or a marker, or add a paper tape border. Get creative, and have fun!
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