These painted paper pinwheels are easy to make and are bound to brighten your day! Pinwheels are great for party decorations, to bring life to your garden or to get the kids outside for a fun afternoon - just watch as the wind takes your pinwheel for a colourful spin!


You'll need: 

  • early stART Low-Mess Washable Fluoro Paint Discs or one of our Stylist Watercolour Palettes
  • a straw
  • a hole punch
  • scissors
  • Micador Paper Pinwheel Template (open and print)




Step 1: Print and paint!

Print the Micador Paper Pinwheel template and cut out the square. Now paint! We painted each quadrant on the front a different colour. Once that had dried we painted the back side just one colour (blue). You can use either the early stART Low-Mess Washable Fluoro Paint discs or one of our Stylist Watercolour Palettes.

Step 2: Punch and cut

Once the paint has dried, use scissors to cut along the dotted lines from each corner. Next, use a hole punch to make holes over the small circles in each corner of the template. If you can’t reach the middle hole easily, use a pencil or pen to make a hole.

Step 3: Assemble

Take your decorative bendy straw and insert the top of the straw into the hole that you have made in the middle of your painted template. Then one at a time, bend and thread each corner hole onto the straw until all four corners are secured in the middle.

Spinning tip

Ensure the holes are slightly bigger than the straw to allow the pinwheel to spin in the wind
Download this info as a takeaway PDF