This nifty little idea will keep the kids entertained and away from the Christmas tree!


Step 1: Gather materials

Grab all the things you need from the list above.

Step 2: Draw & Cut out Christmas Tree

Using your A3 sheet of green paper, draw a Christmas tree and cut it out.

Step 3: Draw and cut out ornament shapes

Using different coloured fluoro and metallic cardboard, we found some circular objects to trace and cut out circle ornaments of different sizes. Then drew some other shapes free hand to make a variety of different ornaments for the tree. Use some gold cardboard to cut out a star for the top of the tree.

Step 4: Decorate Ornaments

Here you can be as creative as you like! Cut out little rectangles of gold cardboard and glue to the top of each ornament, to make them look like real ones! Allow to dry. Tip: Add pattens by gluing on cardboard or using Micador Metallic Markers.

Step 5: Glue on magnets

Cut out old magnets to the size of your ornaments, and glue these to the back. Allow to dry. Tip: Try to make them as big as possible so they attach well to the fridge.

Step 6: Put Tree on the fridge and decorate!

Using a bit of tape or blue tac, attach the tree to the fridge. Now you're ready to decorate your tree! Identify different shapes and colours with your child as they decorate.
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