There is some amazing effects that can be made using superwashable markers! Below you will find a showcase of the Fibracolor Mega Markers as the Micador Marathon and Colourfun Markers! Enjoy learning new techniques for these unlikely artist tools! Fibracolour Mega Markers are the widest superwashable markers in the world. With a sink proof nib they are virtually indestructible – even in the hands of children. The extra thick barrel makes them for kids to grip and intuitive to use. Another great feature of Mega Markers is the ability to use them to get big, bold, blocks of colour down on paper or card FAST! It’s such a satisfying way to create for any artist, from kids to professionals. The cone shaped nip provides a variety of drawing styles from a thick swish of colour in one quick and easy stroke, to a thin and delicate line that you can use for detailed work - but the features of this marker don’t stop there. Not only is this marker excellent for kids to use when colouring, but it can also be used as a watercolour tool! When you combine the washable ink with water – either before or after you apply it to a creation, it dilutes and bleeds like watercolour pigment for astounding effect. Try drawing your artwork and then washing over it with a wet brush, or alternatively, try wetting the paper before you begin and using the market to splatter the ink across the page for burst of colour. You can even us Whether you combine the super washability ink with water before or after you make a creation, the effects are astounding. You can draw your artwork and then wash over with a brush and water or try wetting the paper before you begin, using the market to splatter the ink across the page for bursts of colour.

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