Making your own bunny rabbit ears is an easy craft project for kids. Simply follow our step by step instructions below. You’ll end up with an easy DIY dress up fit for any little bunny!


Step 1. Twisting Time

Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together on both sides to create one bunny ear. Make sure one side has a little more pipe cleaner left at the end so you can attach to the headband in step 2. Do the same with the other two pipe cleaners and create your second bunny ear.

Step 2. Fun Framing

Attach the bunny ears to your headband by securing the longer pipe cleaner ends onto it by wrapping around and twisting underneath. You now have your frame.

Step 3. It’s A Wrap

Grab your paper tape and wrap around your frame until you can no longer see the pipe cleaners or headband underneath. Experiment with 2 or 3 colours to make interesting patterns

Step 4. Play It By Ear

Wear the bunny ears whilst on an Easter egg hunt, to an Easter Day parade or whilst hopping around the house!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF