Written by Debs from Learn With Play At Home


It can be hard keeping children entertained whilst on the go. Whether it be a long car ride, a plane trip, waiting at the doctors or staying at Nanna’s house, one way to keep them busy is with their own travel box, stocked full of things for drawing, creating and playing.


The great thing about a sturdy travel box is that it not only stores the supplies you want to take with you, but also doubles as a great little table and drawing tray.


Here's how you can make your own special travel boxes.




Chalk it up!

Paint the inside of your box lid with chalkboard paint and allow to dry

Add colour!

Flip over the lid and paint the outer. HINT: The matt finish is better for painting but you may want 2 coats to get it nice and even. If using an Easy Wash paint, (we used a metallic one here) you will need to seal it with a clear top coat so that it can’t smudge if touched with wet hands.

It's in the details!

Decorate and personalise. Kids may want to do this part themselves.

Fill it up!

When it is all dry, fill with your favourite creative supplies to keep the kids entertained. Don’t forget to include some chalk so that they can write and draw in the lid. You're now ready to roll! Your new travel box is all ready. Have fun!
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