These rainbow feather bookmarks are simple to make and are sure to brighten any book lover’s day. Beware though, the process is very addictive and before you know it you will have made dozens. Keep them all for yourself or add some ribbon and give them as a special gift! The cutting involved is a great hand-eye co-ordination exercise for the little ones!


Step 1. Cut & Colour!

Start by cutting your drawing paper into manageable size strips (we cut them 7cm x 15cm). Once you have your strips of paper, draw diagonal lines that make a V shape in the centre of the paper. For younger children you might like to lightly mark the centre of the paper. Don’t worry if your lines are not perfectly even, they can be blended later.

Step 2. Just Add Water

Once you are happy with your design, apply water lightly to the colours using a paint brush from the centre of the feather out. Apply water onto each colour separately to avoid mixing of the colours. Now watch as the marker colours magically turn into bright and vibrant watercolour paint!

Step 3. The Feathered Effect

Once your marker paint is completely dry, cut your paper strip into a feather shape, by starting at the bottom of the paper and cutting an oval shape around the outer edges, meeting in the top centre of the paper. You might like to lightly mark out the shape of the feather on the paper before cutting. Next, make small snips into the edges of your paper to give the feathered effect. Tip: Be careful not to snip over the midline of your feather to avoid your feather falling apart.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF