As a participant in our Second MAD Box Challenge,Elizabeth Allison produced this moody vista, in which stark mountainsrise from a sullen ocean. Elizabeth produced this amazing impressionistlandscape with Micador Easy Wash Finger Paints on Micador Create It Art Board and found objects from around the home.While the judges didn’t award it a prize in the finals, we thought itwas so impressive we would include it here and profile Elizabeth’screative process.


Step 1: Planning

Starting with from a quick sketch, Elizabeth decided to use a Micador FInger Paint, a Micador Create-it Art Board and sea sponge to create a 3D effect. First, she gathered everything she would need.

Step 2: Prepare the palette

She then mixed Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint to get her desired colours. Using two plastic plates as palettes, one for primary colours and one for blending, she set to work designing her colour scheme.

Step 3: Start painting

Using her fingers to apply the paint, she sketched a series of blue shades as a base for the ocean landscape. To achieve a 3D effect, Elizabeth lightly applied toothpaste to the painting with a wet finger. She repeated this several times to create a layered, dappled depth effect in the water.

Step 4:

Blending a rusty colour in her second palette, she applied it to the sea sponge in the foreground as well as the mountain in the background. Using the translucent qualities of Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint, she applied layer upon layer of paint as the previous one dried, stacking them for amazing effect.

Step 5: Use flour to finish the picture

For a final touch Elizabeth used cornflour to create waves, snowcapped mountains and clouds. Through a combination of layered finger painting and classic assemblage techniques using found objects, Elizabeth brought a rough textural finish to this awesome 3D impressionist landscape.

About the artist

Elizabeth Allison's achievement here is all the more remarkable as she was just 13 when created her 'Mountains' She’s been drawing since she was very young, taking after her mother who is an architect and interior designer with a keen interest in painting.
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