This Halloween, keep those little fingers busy and try finger painting with our Dark Arts Glow Acrylic Paint Pots. You’ll go batty when you reveal your creepy craft with a Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light!

What you need:

  • Micador early stART Painting paper
  • Micador Create It Art Pads
  • Micador Dark Arts Glow Arlyic Paitn Pots
  • Micador Dark ARts Black light Torch

Step 1: Bat-ter up!

Print out the bat template provided. We printed it out twice for two bats, perfect for an A4 sheet (print more if you need). Then use your scissors to carefully cut out around the outlines to get your bat shapes.

Step 2: Secure the bats

Arrange your bat templates on the sheet of black paper so they look like they are in flight together. Temporarily attach the bats to your paper using a small amount of blue-tac or some tape that can be easily removed after.

Step 3: Dab away!

Dip your fingers into the paint pots and start dabbing randomly onto the black paper. Use every colour to make dots all over, making sure there are lots of prints around the bats for a clear outline around your shape. Remove your bats while the paint is wet so they don’t stick to the background.

Step 4: Ready, set, GLOW!

Once the paint is dry, take your creepy craft outside at night (or to a room with the windows covered and the lights off), and shine your Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light to reveal the bats! This activity is ‘glow’ much fun, you’ll want to try other spooky shapes – think ghosts, witches or pumpkins!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF