Collected & Co. Paper Tape - Coloured Collected & Co. Paper Tape - Fluoro Collected & Co. Paper Tape - Patterned


Step 1:

Once you've wrapped the present, start the paper tape at the bottom of the present and wrap it around until it meets where you started. The great thing about our Collected & Co. Paper Tape is that if you make a mistake you can easily peel off and try again.

Step 2:

Do the same as Step 1 with different coloured/ patterned tape, sticking the tape next to the first one.

Step 3:

Now do the same process with the different coloured tape diagonally opposite to before so that you get the cross over effect pictured left.

Step 4:

Now for the bow. Rip off two 10-15cm pieces with each colour (we've used four different colours/patterns). Try to make each colour vary in size. Then fold and stick each end of the paper tape piece into the middle, but leaving a gap of about 1cm so that it can be stuck down.

Step 5:

Cross over each piece on top of where the vertical and horizontal tape meets like the left image. Put the larger pieces on the bottom and smaller on top.

Step 6:

And now you have a beautifully wrapped present!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF