These cute spiders are constructed from paper drinking cups, and are fun and super easy to make!


Step 1

Trim the thick edge (rim) away from the cup. This will allow you to punch the holes out of the cup in further steps.

Step 2

Using your hole punch, create room for the spiders legs by punching 4 holes into each side of the cup (8 holes in total).

Step 3:

Paint your paper cups using your fluoro paints.

Step 4

Prepare the spiders legs by cutting and folding the pipe cleaners. Thread each pipe cleaner leg through the holes.Magic Black Light to reveal the bats! This activity is ‘glow’ much fun, you’ll want to try other spooky shapes – think ghosts, witches or pumpkins!

Step 5

Attach googly eyes to the cup using craft glue and draw a mouth with a marker. At night (or with lights off), shine a Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light on your spooky spiders and watch them come to life!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF