You'll be wrapped once you've created your very own Mummy this Halloween! This fun activity is suitable for any age

What you need:

  • Micador Super Modelling Clay
  • Micador Modelling Tools

Step 1: Mould your shapes

To start with, you'll need these clay shapes to make your Mummy: 1 large yellow ball, 2 small white and 2 tiny black balls for eyes.

Step 2: Roll your bandages

You'll need one or more long pieces of white clay for your Mummy bandages. Use your palm to roll these out nice and evenly. The longer the better!

Step 3: Assemble your Mummy

Now you've got everything you need to start assembling your Mummy!

Step 4: Create your Mummy's eyes

Roll two small balls of white clay and flatten slightly, then mould them together. Add two small balls of black clay to make her pupils. Tip: use a modelling tool to make a small indent so they stick together well.

Step 5: Get ready to mummify!

Add your eyes to the yellow ball and get ready to start wrapping! Wrap the white clay around your Mummy's head unevenly to create the bandages. Tip: start from the bottom of the Mummy's head to hide the ends.

You're done!

Mummification complete! Your Mummy is all set to spook.
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