Get creative this Halloween and mould your very own wicked witch!

What you need:

  • Micador Super Modelling Clay
  • Micador Modelling Tools

Step 1: Mould your shapes

To get started on your Witch, you'll need to shape these shapes from your clay. Face: 1 large purple clay ball and eyes from black and white clay. Hat: a black flat circle and cone, plus a long orange rope for the ribbon. Broomstick: Brown clay - a small section for the head of the broom and a long piece for the handle, plus a little bit of yellow clay to wrap around the base of the broom.

Step 2: Make your Broom

Use the modelling tools to sculpt the head of your broom.

Step 3: Complete your Broom

Attach your broom head to the handle you rolled earlier, and wrap the yellow clay around the base of the broom. She'll be flying away in no time!

Step 4: Create your Witch's eyes

Roll two small balls of white clay and flatten slightly, then mould them together. Add two small balls of black clay to make her pupils. Tip: use a modelling tool to make a small indent so they stick together well.

Step 5: Assemble your Witch

The fun part! Grab the purple ball for her head, and add your eyes. Place the flat black circle to the top of her head, then the cone on top - mould together to make her black hat. Finally, wrap your orange clay around the base of the hat as a ribbon.

Step 6: Complete your Witch

Give your witch a broom and she's ready to go! Hubble bubble boil & trouble!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF