These fish families are a fabulous sensory activity that the entire family can participate in! Create this cute keepsake for a loved one. Perfect for Father’s and Mother’s Day presents.


Step 1: Lets get started!

Use your paint brush to paint different colour stripes on your child’s hand. Spread paint evenly for full coverage paper. Make about 8.

Step 2: Make your mark!

Guide your child’s hand to the paper. Gently press down to make sure you leave the entire handprint before lifting the hand gently away. Ensure that your child keeps their hand still on the paper to avoid smudging of the handprint.

Step 3: Get everyone involved!

Repeat the process on your own hand and any other family members that are joining in!

Step 4: Make it personal!

Once the paint from the handprints has dried, draw some eyes and a smiley face on each fish using a black marker to turn your handprints into a gorgeous family of fish. To personalise your print simply write, or get your children to write, the family member names underneath their prints and also notate the date the prints were taken.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF