Handprint flower art is a cute keepsake that captures your child’s handprint at a moment in time. Even babies and toddlers can participate in this project, as an adult can guide his or her hand onto the canvas.


Step 1: Paint the little hands!

Use your paint brush to paint on your child’s hand. Spread paint evenly for full coverage and an even print on the canvas.

Step 2: Press & paint!

Guide your child’s hand to the canvas. Gently press down to make sure you leave the entire handprint before lifting the hand gently away. Ensure that your child keeps their hand still on the paper to avoid smudging.

Step 3: Flower Power

Paint stems and leaves below the handprints to turn them into a garden of flowers. Add grass along the bottom of the canvas.

Step 4: Date & Sign

Allow the paint to dry and then get your children to write their names and the date the prints were taken on the canvas!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF