You can make amazing prints using ink in different ways, on different surfaces. Experiment using different colours, different amounts of ink, and using water to produce striking effects.


Step 1: Fold Paper

Fold your watercolour paper in half.

Step 2: Apply Ink

Apply your ink to one side of the folded sheet. Use one colour to start with, then add others in different amounts in different areas.

Step 3: Fold and Press

Fold your paper in half then apply pressure, run your hands across the sheet to spread the ink. Then open to reveal your print!

Other Tips

Experiment using different types of surfaces. Watercolour paper will absorb the ink, where more glossy card will spread the ink differently. Lightly wet your Watercolour paper before applying the ink to see colours blend more.

Transform your print

Each of your prints will be entirely unique. Use your imagination to transform your image by drawing over the print with your inks.
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