This is such a cute way to remind our loved ones that they’re special. The best bit is you can use these over and over, and change your message!


Step 1:

Cut a strip of Instant Blackboard and on the reverse side, draw a shape for your label. If you need a little inspiration you can download our free template of shapes below.

Step 2:

Cut out your shape and remove the backing paper. Place the label into position on the jar and press down firmly.

Step 3:

Fill your jar with chocolates or nuts or any other goodies you think will do the trick. Pop the lid on and tie a ribbon bow around the neck.

Step 4:

Use chalk to add a personalised message. Now you can set your jar in place, maybe on a bedside table or next to a lunch bag on the bench, ready for a very sweet surprise.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF