Make a Decorative Bookmark using Micador Create It Two Colour Magic Paper. Great Mother's Day Gift idea!


Step 1: Gather Materials & Download Templates

Gather the materials listed above and download the template at the bottom of this page. Cut out the Bookmark templates.

Step 2: Cut out Bookmark

Fold the Two Colour Paper so it's the same width as the bookmark pattern template (it will eventually be double this width). Use the edge of the paper as a guide to cut out the bookmark.

Step 3: Cut out pattern

Place the pattern template over the cut out bookmark. Make sure the side of the template where the lines meet the edge is sitting on the same side as the folded edge. Cut along each of the lines.

Step 4: Fold to create pattern

Open up the bookmark - you will now see a number of cuts in a 'V' shape. Fold every second 'V' downwards, tucking the end underneath the unfolded shape to create a pattern. You can fold the remaining 'V' shape inwards to finish off the bookmark.

Step 5: Cut out & glue on backing

Using a sheet of coloured paper, cut out the bookmark backing. Glue this onto the back of the first sheet to create the bookmark and leave to dry.

Step 6: Decorate

When dry, use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the bookmark, and add a ribbon for decoration. And you're finished!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF