You can use any colours you want, don’t be afraid to make your bookmarks super colourful! Try using darker colours or strokes around the outline to make your design look more three-dimensional and to give it depth.


Step 1: Preparing your design

Use the Bomsy Cracktus template we’ve provided, he is going to be your bookmark!

Step 2: Bring Bomsy to life!

Use colour products like markers, pencils, pastels or crayons to colour in the design. We’re going to use colour pencils for this design. Be as creative as you like. Explore working with different media and see what effects you can make!

Step 3: Making Bomsy Sturdy

Once you have finished colouring Bomsy in, use some glue or adhesive spray to stick the piece of paper with your design onto some sturdy cardboard. This will make it more durable and make sure it lasts longer.

Step 4: Time for the chop

Once the adhesive has dried, take some safety scissors and cut out your design from the cardboard, cut along the dotted line as a guide.

Step 5: Happy reading!

Now punch a hole through the top of your bookmark and thread some ribbon through, knotting it so it’s secure- this will make it easier to retrieve your bookmark from in between the pages!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF