It’s always fun to create and make your own decorations, so why not embrace Easter time by designing your very own Easter Egg and Easter Bunny decorations! The decorations are easy and fun to make, simply start by copying the template provided onto the paper in your Rains Watercolour pad. Trace around the template to make as many eggs and bunnies as you can fit on the page.


Step 1: Getting your template

Use the templates on the back of this sheet to cut the shape out of the Rains Watercolour Paper.

Step 2: Get inspired

Try to be as creative as possible with your designs, gather inspiration from around the house or garden like fabrics, flowers and butterflies, books, friends or family and from the things you love.

Step 3: Colour

Begin painting your fun, creative designs and patterns onto your templates.

Step 4: Create variety

See how many different patterns you can make using lines - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, squiggly, curvy, zig zag. Try patterns with shapes - circles, squares, triangles, and stars.

Step 5: Cut it out

Once you’re happy with the design, cut it out. A good technique is to leave a white border when you cut out your creations as this will make your designs stand out.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF