Making your own name tag is a good way to show people your name, your interests and your favourite colours. You can also use name tags to label things that belong to you - your school bag, your chair, your pencil case, whatever you want. The design of your name tag could be anything that reflects you or your interests: a pony, fairy, soccer ball, train, racing car, guitar, or any patterns and shapes you can think of. Have fun and be creative. Let your name tag show people how fun and colourful you really are! Your name tag can be any size as long as it can fit your name and your drawing.


Step 1: Getting started

Choose a design and then either trace or photocopy it onto a piece of paper and decorate it as you wish. Alternatively, come up with your own design!

Step 2: Bring it to life

Colour it in and bring it to life with Micador Triangle Beeswax Crayons. Explore colour varieties or different shading and blending effects and techniques.

Step 3: Personalise

Don’t forget to write your name somewhere too!

Step 4: Cut it out

Once you’re happy with the design, cut it out.

Step 5: Finishing touches

You can then laminate the paper or stick it onto cardboard and punch a hole in one corner. Thread some ribbon through the hole and tie a loop- now your name tag is ready to be hung wherever you want!
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