Kids will absolutely love to make and then use these fun picnic plates. Whether you’re off on a picnic or just want to make lunchtime a little more fun, this craft is perfect for the kids. They can design, decorate and colour their very own plates; anything from crabs to birds and more!


Step 1: Getting your template

Use the templates on the back of this sheet to cut the shape out of the Create It Art Pad.

Step 2: Body Parts

Cut out the claws (or other shape depending on the design you chose- wings if you’re making a bird) from the coloured paper. We've provided a template in the takeaway PDF to help you along.

Step 3: Bring it to life!

Stick the claws on each side of the plate, using sticky tape to fasten them down on the underside of the plate (this way the sticky tape can’t be seen).

Step 4: Time to play!

Turn the plate over and it’s ready to be taken to lunch!

Handy Tips

Stick googly eyes on the plate or draw other features to really enhance your handmade creatures. Other ideas: Sun, Bird. Crab, Cloud, Flower and Butterfly.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF