These amazing Mega Markers create amazing results when mixed with water. Follow these steps to create a unique artwork for your home.


TIP: You can touch up your work at any time with a wet brush, this will help to blend the ink together. 


Step 1: Your design

Using a yellow Mega Marker, draw in the shape of the pear and colour the majority of it in. The markers are watersoluble, so you don’t have to be too careful with how neat you are colouring it in. We will soon blend it with water.

Step 2: Light and dark

Shade the pear using the orange marker and then outline the shaded side of the pear with black.

Step 3: Watercolour

Now wet the brush and paint over the marker, allowing it to blend together and create beautiful watercolours.

Step 4: Colour explosion

Take the red marker and with a relative amount of force, press the nib down onto the water and watch the colour flow and bleed. Do the same with the black marker.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF