Have you ever looked into space at night? It’s an amazing sight. The moon and the stars are glowing, forming dancing, shimmering lights. Using some of our favourite metallic products, we’ve created our own version of outer space! Metallic Oil Pastels are very creamy, so try experimenting by smudging two colours together. You might even be able to create your very own metallic colour!


Step 1: Getting your template

On one of the white sheets of paper from the visual diary, draw shapes of things you would see in space. Use a graphite pencil lightly so you can colour the shapes in later without seeing too much of the pencil!

Step 2: Cut out

Using the Sizzle Scissors, carefully cut out the shapes that you’ve drawn. We’ve drawn the earth, a rocket and Dr Dawg in a space suit standing on the moon!

Step 3: Stick 'em

Once you have cut out all your shapes, glue them to a piece of the black paper from the visual diary. Lay it out as you would imagine outer space- the earth far away, the rocket shooting through the sky.

Step 4: Bring it to life

Decorate both the black and white paper for an enchanting midnight scene. Use metallic markers to decorate contours and draw the outlines of your shape. Now hang up your amazing metallic drawing for all to admire and watch the metallic colours glisten!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF