Micador QuickSand is a low-mess modelling sand for children that provides endless possibilities for imaginative play, motor skill and sensory development. Here are some activity ideas to get you started!


Activities to develop fine motor skills

1) GO ON A TREASURE HUNT! Bury small objects like jewels, stones and coins and have the children dig for buried treasure using their fingers. 2) OPEN PLAY. Encourage the children to mould, squeeze, squish, smash, cut, poke, pinch, roll and flatten it. Micador QuickSand Moulds can be used for this activity. 3) DECORATE! Ask the children to design patterns using shells, nuts, sponges or stones.

Speech and language development activities

1) ENCOURAGE a pre-writing activity. They can use their fingers to trace or mimic you drawing letters, numbers and shapes. 2) LOSE YOUR MARBLES! For a structured and directive-based activity, bury marbles in the QuickSand. Then ask them to search for them and count out loud when they find them. 3) CONNECT! Get down to make eye contact with them. Become a narrator, comment and ask questions, follow their lead and engage in open-ended play and conversation.

Bringing calm to the classroom

Ask the children to sift the sand through their fingers to help them get familiar with the texture. As they repeat this movement it becomes a relaxing and calming process. This activity is particularly good for children with tactile therapy needs.
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