We use the Micador Glass & Tub Twistaz markers in the bath and on windows often. I love the smooth creamy effect they have and their vibrant colours. They are easy to wipe off and add a fun new element to drawing with the different surfaces they work on. Our favourite activity is to use Micador Glass & Tub Twistaz on mirrors to draw a self-portrait!


Step 1:

Set up an invitation to create with a mirror along side Micador Glass & Tub Twistaz. We chose to draw our portraits outside.

Step 2:

Prompt the activity by pointing out that your child can look at their reflection and copy their facial features with the Twistaz.

Step 3

Show how you can easily wipe off the Twistaz Marker and start again with a wet cloth.

Step 4:

Step back and watch the magic unfold! Try not to interrupt and allow your child to observe their reflections and make their own interpretation.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF