The only thing mums love more than a peaceful house to themselves, is something creatively handmade! Follow the steps provided to create a beautiful, floral card for your Mum.


Step 1: Make the Chop

Cut out a rectangle from a piece of paper to your desired size. This will be the card. It can be any colour you want but we’ve chosen white so that our detail will stand out.

Step 2: Cut the flowers

Using the stencils we’ve provided, cut out different sized flowers and leaves from your brightly coloured paper. An easy way to do this is by holding the stencil page on top of the coloured paper and cut around the dotted line. See how many different coloured flowers you can make.

Step 3: Bring the flowers to life

To make the flowers look even more beautiful, stick the smaller ones on top of the bigger ones, using some craft glue. Ensure the small flowers are a different colour to the big ones you stick them on, this creates a really pretty effect.

Step 4: Your message

Now it’s time to write your message to your Mum on the front of the card. Take the rectangle you cut earlier and using some metallic oil pastels, write your message.

Step 5: The final touches

Now for the fun part! Stick your finished flowers onto the front of your card. You can decorate your card as much as you want- you are only limited by your imagination!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF