Create your own stone Castle play scene by learning how to paint your Micador Made By Me Mini Castle with this cool stone effect!


Step 1 - Build your Castle

Build your Mini Castle using the step-by-step instructions provided in the pack.

Step 2 - Mix your paint

Using your lotus palette and brush, mix your white and black paints to make two different shades of grey - one dark and one light grey. Tip: You should have enough of the dark shade to coat the entire Castle.

Step 3 - Paint the Castle

Use a large brush to coat the entire Castle in your dark grey paint.

Step 4 - Apply stone outlines

Once the first coat is dry, use the small brush to paint on stone-like shapes with black paint.

Step 5 - Apply final details

To complete the look, add highlights to the stones using light grey paint. Tip: A medium sized brush would be ideal for this step.

Step 6 - Play!

After your Castle has dried - you're ready to play! Use your favourite action figures and characters or our Micador Fairytale Besties as the stars of your show!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF