Enjoy the sun and Mother Nature these summer holidays with these fun painted stick monsters. They're a great way to use your imagination and create weird and wonderful creatures!


Step 1:

Go for a walk with Mum or Dad and find some sticks with interesting shapes. The weirder, the better! We've painted our sticks with different coloured strips to create a pattern. Tip: Try mixing different coloured Micador Acrylic Paints together to create new colours.

Step 2:

Use your imagination to add details for your monster. Here we've painted the snap of the stick red so that it looks like the monster's mouth.

Step 3:

Once you've painted your stick monster, use Micador 3D Paint to add the detail. A great way to choose where the monster's eyes should go is to find little knobs on the stick, then use the white 3D Paint for the eyes.

Step 4:

Then use the black 3D Paint for the monster's pupils.

Step 5:

Use other coloured 3D Paint to add spikes and details to your monster!

Step 6:

That's your monster done! Why not make enough to put on a show for Mum and Dad?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF