Micador Mica-Dough isn’t just for modelling! Try the technique below to learn how to paint with dough. The colours stay bright on the paper and can be mixed to create new colours. Ok let’s get started... first you need to decide what it is you would like to paint and then...


Step 1: Let’s start drawing

Draw your design onto the Roymac Rains Paper.

Step 2: Choosing your colours

Choose a small ball of each of the colours of the Mica- Dough you want for your design.

Step 3: Time to paint!

Smear the Mica-Dough thinly over your design. Work on areas of one colour first then more to the next colour. Ensure you completely cover the paper.

Step 4: Add some texture

While the dough is still moist, draw in line, patterns and details using a stiff tool like a pen with a pointy lid, pencil, stylist etc, but be careful your Mica-Dough is spread very thin!

Step 5: Define the design

Leave artwork to dry – it will take several days to completely dry out. Once completely dry, draw over the top using a Micador Stay Anywhere Pen to add line work helping to define the image.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF