Pull out that old picture frame that’s hiding behind the cupboard and turn it into your very own colourful blackboard.


Step 1:

Choose the paper tape designs you would like to use around the edges of your frame.

Step 2:

Remove the backing board from your frame. If the frame has glass, place it somewhere safe. Time to paint! Make sure your board is facing up so that the hook or stand is facing down against the table. You can paint the entire front with blackboard paint, or paint a shape. You could try a star, an apple, even a heart. We painted a thought bubble.

Step 3:

If your frame is a dark colour your might want to give it a quick coat of white acrylic paint to help the tape colours really pop. Let the paint dry, then grab your paper tape and wrap away! Try alternating colours and patterns.

Step 4:

Secure your backing board back into your frame and go grab yourself some chalk! Hmmm, what to write?..
Download this info as a takeaway PDF