This card looks amazing and is super-easy to make.


Step 1:

Open up your card. On each side of the fold, place 3 strips of paper tape. They can be different lengths or you can make them all the same.

Step 2:

Close your card. Use the heart template provided and place it down so that the middle of the heart sits on the left hand edge. Trace the right hand side of the heart onto the front of your card.

Step 3:

Time to cut around the heart, but not completely. Start at the top and cut until you’re just over the curve, and stop. Then start at the bottom and cut until you’re 1-2cm away from your first cut, as indicated in red.

Step 4:

Now open up your card and gently push the heart shape through. Close your card again to encourage the folds to work in the opposite direction. When the card is closed, the heart shape should sit inside the card.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF