If you're like us and have a growing collection of too-good-to-part-with tins and boxes, it's time to give them new life and share some joy with this sensational wrapping idea in time for Christmas.


Step 1:

This activity is fun from the start! Choose your paper tape colours and decide what order you want to use them in.

Step 2:

Begin to unravel your paper tape and little by little, wrap it around the top edge of your tin. Cut the tape so that the ends overlap by about 1cm, then stick the end down.

Step 3:

Follow Step 2 using your chosen paper tape colours until your tin is covered. We alternated between placing one strip at the top and then one along the bottom, so that the last piece of tape wrapped neatly around the middle.

Step 4:

Place your present inside, then hang the end of you name tag string inside the tin before closing it up. What a transformation!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF