Not only is great for imaginative play, but also developing fine motor skills and language development. In this activity we use Micador QuickSand to create a simple Archaeology dig! Tip: whilst younger children will enjoy using their fingers, older children may like to try using chopsticks or tweezers to unearth the objects.

What you need: 

  • Micador Quicksand
  • Micador QuickSand - Plastic Moulds Dinosaur theme


Step 1: Get Busy and Dig in!

Pile and spread your Micador QuickSand over the surface of your tray. Fill your dino moulds with Micador QuickSand, press with your fingers and tip over to reveal your dinosaur shapes!

Step 2: Dig for dinosaurs!

Bury your dino moulds or plastic dinosaurs, some can be partly submerged and others completely covered! Or if you are working with puzzle pieces, and depending on your child’s age, you could ask them to search for pieces and then put the puzzle together.

Step 3: Brush away the sand!

If you are using plastic dinosaurs, bury them in Micador QuickSand, and then using your paintbrush, brush away the sand to find and reveal the dinosaur pieces. Why not investigate the correct names of the dinosaurs on the internet?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF