This mess-free sensory activity is both educational and fun. Playing with Micador Quicksand is also great for the development of fine motor skills and imaginative play. In this activity, we use Micador QuickSand to aid in learning letters, numbers and even to spell words. Tip: Whilst younger children will enjoy using their fingers, older children may like to try using chopsticks or tweezers to unearth the objects.


Step 1: Get Busy & Bury!

Pile and spread your QuickSand over the surface of your tray. Bury your alphabet crayons, some can be partly submerged and others completely covered!

Step 2: Search & Reveal!

Using your paintbrush, brush the Micador QuickSand away from the alphabet crayons to find and reveal the objects underneath.

Step 3: Spot & Identify

Depending on your child’s age, you could ask them to identify the letter, colour or even spell their same in the Micador QuickSand. More advanced children may even like to spell some simple sight words.
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