So you've had a blast getting creative with your Micador Markers and decided you're ready to say goodbye and fall in love with a brand new pack.


Micador marker barrels and lids are made from PP5 plastic, so before you head for the bin, why not take the time to check whether you can recycle your markers?

Just follow the simple steps below!


Once you've done your bit for the environment, grab yourself this Colouring Sheet with Bomsy and his friends looking after the environment.

You can use your brand new pack of markers to colour it in.



Step 1: Grown-up help required

Using pliers, grip the end cap and pull it off the barrel. It can be a little tricky, so make sure you ask a grown-up for help. Then remove the ink reservoir.

Step 2: Pull!

Wrap paper towel around the nib, grip with pliers and pull until the nib comes out.

Step 3: Recycle!

Recycle lids, end caps and barrels in accordance with your council recycling program. Micador marker barrels and lids are made from PP5 plastic. Discard all other parts.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF