Kids will go wild for creating these safari animals! It’s a fun and easy activity that transforms handprints into exotic animals. Why not try it after a trip to the zoo!


Step 1

Pour a small amount of each of your paint colours into your paint palette. Mix the black and white paint together to make grey.

Step 2

Use your paint brush to paint on your child’s hand. Spread paint evenly over your child’s hand for full coverage.

Step 3

Guide your child’s hand to the canvas. Gently press down to make sure you leave the entire handprint before lifting the hand gently away. Ensure that your child keeps their hand still on the paper to avoid smudging of the handprint. You will need to reapply paint in between each hand print.

Step 4

Using your paint brush, add the animal body parts to your hand prints. A head, mane and tail to the lion, a trunk and ear to the elephant, and a long neck to the giraffe.

Step 5

Once the paint is dry, draw details like eyes, spots or hair on the handprints using markers. You may even like to get your child to write their name and date the artwork along the bottom.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF