Make a splash with your sea guests with these printable pARTy Name Cards, RSVP's and Thank You Cards!


Name Cards:

Simply download the free Sea Name Card template below and print onto plain white paper or card. Write the name of your Sea guests on each card then cut out and fold across the centre. We recommend placing these either on or in front of each guest's plate. These are also great to use as food labels!

RSVP Cards:

After you have download the free Sea RSVP Card template, print as many as you need onto plain white paper or card. There's no need to write on these as your guests can fill in the details. Once you have cut each card out, simply place them in the envelope with your pARTy invitation. Your guests can then return this card to you and let you know if they will be able to attend your pARTy.

Thank You Cards:

Thank your guests for attending your pARTy with the free Sea Thank You Card template below. Just print onto white paper or card, fill in the details then cut out. These can either be placed into or tied to your pARTy goodie bags!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF